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A bucket trucks are a type of mobile, aerial work platform that consists of an aerial device mounted in a truck. A bucket truck is used to lift men and/or materials, in the utilities, maintenance, tree, and sign fields. It’s also used for a variety of industries, the most common being electric utility, telecommunications, lights and signs, and vegetation management etc. A bucket truck is a vehicle that has a platform at the end of a lifting boom. The boom is attached to the truck on a rotating turret.

What is bucket truck?

Bucket trucks are vehicle mounted work platforms. They are typically mounted on trucks, but can also be mounted on trailers or industrial vans. They rotate at varying degrees and have hydraulic articulating arms that knuckle, or bend, to allow workers to work around obstacles or get a better reach.


General Overview of Bucket Trucks

bucket truck
bucket truck photo@Mobile Lifts Inc.

Bucket trucks became one of the first vehicles for industries like medium and biological science, moreover as native utility corporations and construction corporations. They allow employees to soundly reach heights of up to a 125 feet, whereas permitting the locating of the bucket to succeed in out-of-the-way spots that may be not possible or unsafe to try with a ladder or cut rose. They are most often seen used by telephone and cable companies to maintain or repair suspended lines.

Types of Bucket Trucks

There are four different types of trucks to choose from depending on the type of boom you need, the type of work you do, and the heights you need to reach.

  • Cherry Picker
  • Boom Trucks
  • Versalift
  • Digger Derrick

Cherry Picker:

cherry-picker @universalmobiletowerhire.com.au

A cherry picker is a type of bucket truck with a single person enclosure that can be extended up, by means of a motorized arm system. It’s also known as a mobile elevated work platform, MEWP, boom lift, man lift, basket crane or hydraladder is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system. It may be mounted on a truck or van or on a self-propelled platform.

Boom Trucks:

boom track
boom track @bikboomtrucks.com

For lighter lifting, nothing beats the flexibility and reliability of Terex boom truck cranes. Able to travel at highway speeds, Terex boom truck cranes let you get to the job site, get set up, and get to work fast. These trucks have a large arm that is designed to be extended to the side to counterbalance certain other objects or materials that may be in use


versalift @waimea.co.nz

A versalift has a single lifting platform that extends out from the back. This platform can extend several feet up in the air and is useful for a number of different tasks, including the lifting of materials and workers up to a platform extended above the ground, or to a rooftop space.

Digger Derrick:

Digger Derrick
Digger Derrick @Petty Motors, Inc

A digger derrick truck is designed to “drill a hole and put in a poll.” It is used mainly in the electrical, telecommunications, and cable fields. Derrick trucks are equipped with an auger to drill the hole, and pole clamps to grasp the pole as it is being inserted.


Key Features of Bucket Trucks

The specifications and features of a bucket truck generally depend on the type of the bucket truck that you want to purchase. And if you wish to buy a digger derrick, the same is true. You must consider its safety features also. These specifications and features vary in both a new and used bucket truck.

In general, when buying a bucket truck, you should see some features such as:

Work height, Side reaches, Outgirts, Fuel type, Mileage, Gross vehicle weight rating, Untouched or untouched, Platform capacity, Ideal, Model year,  Transmission type, Make.

  • Ground level access to basket
  • Basket rotator
  • Aluminum or fiberglass basket
  • Optional jib and winch
  • Single-hand control system
  • One or two main platforms
  • Tons of storage compartment available
  • Sign holding brackets

You see a telescopic boom lift key and feature

Bucket Trucks Specifications

The bucket trucks typically feature controls for the operation of the boom. Some of the larger trucks may reach higher than 40 feet. Bucket capacity is usually measured in the hundreds of pounds. On CommercialTruckTrader you can filter through several thousand Bucket Trucks across North America.

Some common specifications

  • Up to 101′ of working height
  • 45′ of side reach
  • Full pressure proportional controls
  • Lower controls with override located at the turntable
  • Engine start/stop from the basket
  • 180° rotating basket
  • Telescoping and articulating boom action
  • Offset main boom reduces travel height
  • 46KV Category “C” on insulated models
  • Lower override controls
  • Fiberglass extension boom


Bucket Truck prices

The average price of Bucket Truck is a start upto US $14,500

Bucket Trucks, Reach

bucket truck chart
Versalift East @ bucket truck chart


Bucket Trucks Safety Features

  • All bucket trucks are not identical. It is essential that operators are familiar with the specific bucket truck that they are working with.
  • Buckets must be at least 39 inches deep so that for most workers the lip of the bucket is above waist level.
  • Bucket trucks have additional safety features such as guards, outrigger interlock and ground fault interrupter circuits, and warning labels. These features must not be modified or removed
  • A fall protection system is a standard for all bucket trucks. These systems protect workers from falling over, electrocution, tip-over, and other hazards related to operating and maintaining bucket trucks, and insulated and non-insulated aerial devices including tree care devices.
  • Wheel chocks are a recommended feature of Altec bucket trucks to provide additional safety during operation.

Bucket truck manufacturers

Company: AERO-LIFT
Origin of Mfg: West Caldwell, NJ
Phone: 201-207-7780
Website: Click Here

Origin of Mfg: St. Joseph, MO
Toll Free: 877-462-5832

Origin of Mfg: Omaha, NE
Phone: 402-592-4500

Company: TEREX CORP.
Origin of Mfg: Westport, CT
Phone: 203-222-7170

Company: MANITEX
Origin of Mfg: Georgetown, TX
Toll Free: 877-314-3390


Causes of Accidents & Injuries With Bucket Trucks

Causes of aerial lift device injuries include:

  • Falls
  • Getting caught between the lift bucket or guardrail and a structure.
  • Being knocked out of a bucket when the vehicle is struck by something
  • Strains and injuries caused by improper lifting and climbing
  • Collapses and tipovers
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Electrocution or physical injury due to electric shock

Bucket Truck Safety Check

Check the following each day before using a bucket truck device:

  • Operating controls and Emergency controls
  • Safety Devices such as outriggers and guardrails
  • Personal fall protection gear
  • Wheels and tires
  • Any other items specified by the manufacturer.
  • Look for possible leaks (air, hydraulic fluid, and fuel-system) and loose or missing parts.
  • All controls must be clearly marked as to their function.


Photos of Bucket Trucks

bucket truck photo
bucket truck photo @i80equipment.com
Hybrid bucket truck
hybrid bucket truck @oakridgetoday.com
utility truck photo
utility truck photo @utilitytruck.net
bucket truck picture
bucket truck picture @pettymotorsinc.com
Bucket Trucks engine
Bucket Trucks engine @i80equipment.com
bucket truck accident
Accident of bucket truck @prentissheadlight.com


Bucket Trucks Dealer location

Utility Truck and Equipment
Circleville, OH 740.474-5151

Utility Trailer Sales and Equipment
Boise, ID 208.336-0138

Bucket Trucks video

Video credit: Truck Utilities YouTube

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