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Tree trimming boom lif

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Boom lifts are machines that enable workers to reach at a height. It’s offer an array of options for those carrying out electrical and construction jobs, from small private tasks of massive commercial operations. They come in several types and offer a range of features. It is crucial, therefore, to carefully assess the scope of your project demands before committing to a boom lift.

What is Boom Lift?

Boom lift is a type of lift that is used mostly at the height level where the person cannot reach. Boom lifts have an articulating arm or telescopic extension for lifting materials or personnel. They are used widely in construction and utility applications,  and also considered to be aerial equipment.


  • Capacity is the maximum force or load supported by the lift, cart, truck or dolly.
  • Reach is the difference between the fully-retracted and fully-extended positions.
  • Electric boom lifts allow you to be precisely positioned, every time, with versatile, articulating jibs and working heights from 11.4m up to 20.7m. If you need to go up-and-over or up-and-around,  boom hires range features unique designs, perfect for working on roof apexes or those places a straight stick boom simply can’t reach.


Boom Lift General Overview

boom lifts overview
Image of boom lift

Boom Lift is used to an air work, also known as an aerial device, a mobile device that raises or raises the work platform, is called a mechanical device, which is usually referred to as the height Provides temporary access to people or devices in areas of access. The boom lift is used to connect most of the instruments.

  • With working heights ranging from 9m (30ft) to over 21m (69ft) and a number of different types to choose from, there is a  boom lift for every eventuality.
  • Maximum drive performance of 30% gradeability and 4.0 mph travel speed
  • Self-leveling platform features 180° powered horizontal rotation for precise positioning and easy operation
  • Automatic hill braking and ramp braking
  • Smooth control, durability and efficient power transmission, ideal for rough terrain operation
  • The direct electric, 48V drive system provides outstanding battery life

Boom Lift Key Features


  • Offering easy installation
  • Much faster to full height
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Boom lifts differ in terms of tire type, engine options and additional features
  • Allowing for low maintenance working
  • Available in high tensile strength
  • Suitable for handling a variety of jobs involving construction, tree trimming, exterior painting as well as other maintenance tasks
  • The engine on a boom lift may use gasoline or diesel fuel, and be equipped with a cold-weather package with accessories such as synthetic motor oil and a battery blanket. Boom lifts with towing packages, hazardous environment packages, and aircraft protection systems are also available.
  • Aircraft protection systems help protect surfaces on airplanes from damage.


Boom Lift Specifications

Articulated Boom Lift
Articulated Boom Lift @Nandan GSE

Selecting boom lifts require an analysis of product specifications and features. Basic parameters to consider:

  • Working height
  • Width
  • Horizontal reach
  • Lift or load capacity

Platform design and power grid options are also important considerations. Most boom lift platforms are made of steel and either swing gates are installed for a sleepy mid-rail or walking-in access. In the boom lifts with triangular entry options, the platform front and the sloped mid-rail entries on each end are platform accessories, extra railing, airlines, artificial clues and travel alarms are engaged. Work lights and electric trays are also accessible in the context of the power option, some boom lift is equipped with three-phase AC generator for attachment operation. The Generator is also belt-powered or hydraulic-powered.

  • Lifts use commercial-grade gasoline
  • This Lifts use diesel fuel.
  • The drive of this lift is electric.
  • Air-inflated tires can provide greater load-cushioning and drive traction than cushion tires
  • The wheel has a flange or a formed V on the wheel for riding on and alignment to a track.


Different models of boom lift

Genie ZTM-60/34
Skyjack SJ63 AJ
Niftylift SP26

Boom Lift Price

Articulating Boom Lifts prices: 

Genie: $91,000 – $100,000
JLG: $180,000 – $210,000
Skyjack: $110,000 – $150,000
Niftylift: $22,500 -$40,000

The higher you need to go with increasing weight, the greater the price will be for the ability to do so. Boom lifts run in price from $5,000 to $180,000, depending on the factors above.

You can find here Boom Lifts For Sale

Boom Lift Reach

boom lift reach
lift reach@ industrialmaintenanceplatforms.com

Boom lift reaches: 281 to 359 inch

You can get boom lift is online at ebay.com

Boom Lift Options

boom lift


Pictures of boom lift

boom lift rentals
boom lift rentals@torcanlift.com
Tree trimming boom lif
Tree trimming boom lift@JLG.com
Genie boom lift
Genie boom lift @Genie Lift
use of boom lifts
use of boom lifts@boomliftbase.com
scissor boom lift
scissor boom lift


Boom Lift Dealer location

Boom lift dealer united state

5556 Vineland Ave.
N. Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 762-9282

818 5044333

Maco Corporation (I) Private Limited
Contact Person: Mr. Ketan Patel
701/701, Midas, Sahar Plaza, Andheri East
Andheri Kurla Road, Mumbai – 400 059
M: +91 9322220430
T: +91 22 2835 2337
Email: access@macocorporation.com

Reach International Pvt Ltd.
Plot No. 21,
Palam Matiala Road, Madhu Vihar,
Dwarka, Sec – 5 Dwarka.
Delhi – 110059
M: – +91 9958199513
Email: – info@reachinternational.co.in

In this day there are many dealers are available so you can easily find a dealer location, click here


Video of boom lift

Video credit: OffRoadies YouTube

Types of boom lift

There are many styles of boom lifts that cater to different job site needs. Types of boom lifts mount on vehicles or trailers, or may be self-contained with their own drive trains.

Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lifts
Articulating Boom Lifts @constructionequipment.com
  • 360-degree rotatable turntable
  • Drivable at full elevation
  • Chassis width provides access to narrow industrial aisle ways and congested work areas
  • Forward or backward maneuvering and steering of the machine from worker platform
  • Raise or lower boom from vertical to below horizontal

Telescopic Boom Lifts

GTBZ22J telescopic lift photo
GTBZ22J telescopic lift photo
  • 360-degree rotatable turntable
  • Raise or lower boom from vertical to below horizontal
  • Manoeuvre and steer in any direction

Compact Crawler Boom lift

  • Lightweight, compact non-marking rubber track-mounted boom lift
  • Self-leveling, non-marking outriggers for use on uneven surfaces
  • Choose from five models with working heights up to 75 ft
  • Optional Lithium-ion battery for cleaner, greener operation

Electric Boom

Electric Boom lift
Electric Boom lift
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Drivable at full elevation
  • Chassis width provides access to narrow industrial aisle ways and congested work areas

Towable Boom

  • Can be towed behind vehicles with class2 or class3 hitch
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries or a onboard gasoline powered generator
  • Self-leveling hydraulic outriggers faster and easier set-up on the job


Take the time to read through reviews on different websites. Pay close attention to the comments about durability, how easy it is to service, and how it maneuvers. Each model will operate a bit differently there may be comments from experienced users about which model’s controls they prefer. Small details like that can increase your satisfaction with your purchase tenfold.


Done. I tried to include all information about boom lif. let me know any point if I missed it.

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